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Bill Price has been helping privately held companies and nonprofits buy, sell, or run their enterprises since 1978. If you have business or government agency issues for which you want cost-effective legal solutions, call 1-800-630-4780 or email Bill at for a free consultation. 

Our legal services help you start, expand, manage, and sell business organizations, with profits for you and your heirs.

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Lawyers in solo practice are like people who dance with elephants. They either work quickly, or they get squashed. If you call, you will get a lawyer focused on your work, not that of thousands of others, and one experienced in working with businesses or nonprofits like you, instead of the internal politics of large law firms.

Work With Expert Lawyers

Bill Price has chaired the Institute of Illinois Business Laws, which wrote all of the major Illinois entity statutes (corporations act, LLC law, LP law, not for profit corporations act), and has also chaired and is an active member of the state bar Business and Securities and Administrative Law section councils. He has done thousands of deals, and appeared before many of the state and federal immigration, public utility regulation, labor and professional services enforcement, tax, and environmental or other safety agencies that your company or nonprofit may have to work with. If he doesn’t know a forum, he brings in co-counsel who do. Your work will get careful and expert attention.

Review Your Case Documents

A quick call or email for initial consultation is a cost-effective (usually free) way to start determining how to make the transactions you want happen, or make problems go away. If that short discussion lets you and the firm determine that further work together would be useful, we then proceed to more formal cost estimates or immediate document preparation, negotiation, or other advocacy work for you as needed.

Reasons to Choose Us


A Chicago mayor before the Second World War once ran on the slogan “Re-elect me or find your own way through Lincoln Park.” If you don’t work with Bill Price and, you will not get the benefit of his experience in state and federal government relations, judiciaries, and other systems, his (now electronic, but fondly remembered when it consisted of stapled business cards in alphabetical order) Rolodex, and his BS meter, for new and old business strategies. Call now, or find your own way to profit gain and loss avoidance.


Lawyers don’t emphasize this much, but their rules of professional confidentiality are a lot tighter those for doctors, accountants, or any of the other advisory professions. Failure to keep a client’s confidences secret is sufficient to get someone’s law licensed pulled. Failure to do so in negotiations or court (or before an agency) can be fatal to a case or deal. You need an experienced and effective secret keeper, not someone who will blurt out your details every time he or she visits a bar.

Fast Results:

The biggest benefit of experience is that you don’t have to spend a lot of lawyer time reinventing the wheel. Your asset purchase, Pollution Control Board appeal, nonprofit tax exemption, or family trust will be similar to hundreds of other cases growthlaw lawyers and associated project professionals have helped with over the years. This makes for fast and accurate drafting, negotiation, and closings.

Free Information:

Mr. Price has authored more than thirty years of law and business book chapters, seminar PowerPoints, checklists, official pamphlets, videos, and other information relevant to your issues. Many are already up and accessible to you for download on this site or his LinkedIn and SlideShare profiles. More can be produced for you, depending on your questions. Call 1-800-630-4780 or email to let us know what information you need.

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