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Your business might be new or old, large or small, for-profit or not, but it will face the same growth challenges as  all other businesses. No attorney can offer you better legal and regulatory counsel than Bill Price.

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Your business has two choices: face those challenges unprepared, or seek help from a professional. Here are way Bill can be that professional help for you:

Retainer counsel

Put Bill on a monthly retainer and he will review and help you optimize your corporate structure, reviewing your systems and documentation to minimize both tax exposure and any legal or regulatory risks.

Dealmaking advice

Business is made of deals. Let Bill make sure you’re getting the most out of your deals, whether they cover the mundane level of your day-to-day dealings with your employees and important vendor contracts, or the special occasions of selling your business or buying a new one.

GrowthLaw can help you find emergency legal counsel

Because people can be unreasonable and you may need litigation help, Bill works with litigation experts in a number of areas.