How Can We Help Your Business?

Every company has owners, and the usual rule determining who gets what is the golden rule – whoever has the gold to invest makes the rules. What resource limits have hurt your company’s growth? Maybe you need to buy an existing business and profit from their products and customers. Your company will need initial and later round capitalization, supplier and customer contracts, HR, risk management, credit, and collections documents. If selling or buying a business would remove your resource limits, talk to Bill. He will help you keep transactions confidential, identify financing sources, negotiate term sheets for deals, review target and buyer information, and arrange closing terms and post-closing dispute resolution that works for you and your business.

Bill can also help you negotiate financing options not involving business purchase or sale. You should also have buy-sell agreements and other estate planning instruments in place and funded. Bill can help you draft and enforce your deals with insiders and outsiders.

To get answers about the business operation questions bothering you, call 1-800-630-4780 or email Bill.

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